Our Family

David is my husband and best friend for the past fourteen years. A Star Wars enthusiastic and science fiction bookworm, he handles most of the "rough stuff," namely, wrestling, tag, and guiding us through hikes and rugged terrain. He also cuddles up and reads stories, cooks fabulous dinners, and makes our family a whole lot of fun.

Aidyn is my sweet and silly nine-year-old son. Obsessed (like his mother) with Disneyland, he regularly suggests we "just drive to Disneyland right now." He is currently in love with all things Minecraft. He's now in fourth grade, and his favorite part of homeschooling is transforming the dining room table into a messy science lab.   

Jack is our precious one-year-old boy.He's an active, curious, attached-to-his-mama little scientist. He loves exploring the world and simple, random objects. He loves snuggling up with a book and playing in the water. Although he keeps us active and busy, we love his sweet energy.

I'm Paula. When I'm not home with my boys, I work as a writing tutor as a local college. I recently earned my B.A. in English and am applying for graduate school next fall to get my Master's in Rhetoric and Teaching Writing and TESOL. What fuels me on my journey through life is education. Not necessarily the brick-and-mortar type of institutional learning, but the explorative "let's-get-out-into-THE-WORLD" type of learning. As a result, I love to travel every which way, have love affairs with books, and write a few stories of my own. 

We also enjoy the luxury of having a baby-boomer grandma in the house, who shares her love for the San Francisco Giants, the history of the Civil War, and the welfare of animals with the family. She often accompanies us on field trips (if a Giants' game isn't on) and has the most beautiful conversations with her grandson.


  1. If you are interested in the Civil War you should schedule a trip to Virginia, particularly in the next year or two during the 150th anniversary. The National Battlefield Parks (and there are several) have a lot of special programs now, many of which are oriented toward families and children like your son. Some of the programs are excellent and create a memorable experience. I hope you can make it out here sometime.

  2. We've always wanted to tour famous Civil War sites. I will definitely look into that!

  3. I just found your blog, I love it :) I am homeschooling and plan on using lots of your Disney ideas! Although we live in NorCal we have Disneyland annual passes and go there often. Do you have a pinterest board or Facebook page too?