Jack's {Baby} Curriculum 2014-2015

A look at baby Jack's "curriculum" for his first year of life.

More love.
And more play.
Nursing with snuggles.
Definitely some cuddles.
Books and laps, especially together.
Silly songs, dance-y songs, and classic songs.
Throngs of songs from every genre.
Peaceful melodies during sleepy time.
Solid gold oldies during day time.
Dr. Suess and Mr. Sendak.
Mister Rogers and Harry the Bunny.
Walks in the stroller,
Dips in the bathtub.
Xylophones and pots-as-drums.
Finger puppets, hand puppets, and shadow puppets.
Family, friends, and furry animals.
Love, love, and plenty more love.
Nursery rhymes and fairy tales.
Quiet time when all else fails.
Brotherly love and fatherly love.
Motherly and grandmotherly love.
Overhearing brother's lessons.
Taking part in brother's messes.
Strolls in the city, promenades in the parks, and hikes in the forest.
Trips to the Hundred Acre Wood.
And merrily, merrily, merrily on our way to nowhere in particular.
Rattles and bells, bubbles and baubles.
Reading books {especially in cozy nooks}.
ABCs and 123s.
Audio books
and silly looks.
And Disneyland, of course!
Books with rhymes, pointing at signs,
stacking blocks, and reading clocks.
Nap-times and pastimes, and poetry teatimes.
Lullabies and zillions of tries.
Pretend-play, modeling clay, any time of day.
Bird-watching, star-gazing, want-to-touch-the-sky reaching,
sand-on-the-beach sifting, and all kinds of shape sorting.
Beatrix Potter, the Beatles, bugs, and butterflies.
Cats, cartoons, and Cat in the Hat.
"This little piggy..." and tickling toes.
Picture books and story books, board books, and chapter books.
Field trips and zoo trips.
Dogs, dancing, and dandelion-seed-blowing.
Colors and textures, fabrics and paper.
Crayons and glue sticks, markers and stickers.
{Did I already say "Disneyland?"}
Goodnight Moon and Goodnight Gorilla.
The Runaway Bunny and Peter Rabbit.
 Holidays and lazy days.
Days where we just laze about in pajamas.
Days where we stay out for all hours.
Puzzles, painting, and peek-a-boo.
So many experiences about which I've not yet a clue.
But so, so many fun things for us to do.

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