100 Things about Me

I suppose it's about time for the ubiquitous 100 things about me list. And here peels back the curtain:

1. I'm in love with the color violet. It's purty.
2. I used to trick my niece into playing school.
3. For hours.
4. And I only gave her a cracker for "lunch" and a 5-minute recess.
5. That was over 25 years ago, yet she still laughs about it.
6. I'm a teacher deep in my core.
7. The kind of teaching I do (at home, on a field trip, on a lazy Sunday afternoon) earns me no money but buckets of joy.
8. I just want my son to look back on his childhood and say, "What an adventure!"
9. I do earn (a little) money tutoring at a college. I tutor writing of various kinds, literary analysis, study skills, and sentence-level issues.
10. One career goal is to create self-sufficient students and essentially work myself out of a job.
11. They keep coming back though, and I don't mind. I love my students.
12. I've been "in school" for 22 years.
13. Yes, you read that right.
14. The standard American education, six years earning 3 AA degrees, and three years at the university for the BA and going back to obtain my Masters in Rhetoric and Teaching Writing.
15. My husband is a nerd.
16. And so am I.
17. He likes Star Wars, talking about the eventual zombie apocalypse, and reading thick sci-fi books.
18. I like watching Jeopardy, reading American literature, and performing sentence surgery.
19. But I'm a big Star Wars fan myself. Obi-Wan Kenobi is my hero.
20. We've also brainwashed encouraged our son, Aidyn, to love Star Wars, too.
21. But he also likes Adventure Time and generally follows his own interests, which includes playing with his friends outside until he comes back in looking like Ralph from Lord of the Flies.
22. When he's clean though, I welcome him in my arms to hear a story, watch a movie, and get a good cuddle in.
23. I love him so much.
24. I'm really surprised I haven't mentioned Disneyland yet.
25. I've been called "obsessed with Disneyland." It's 100% true.
26. The first time I visited D-Land, I was an infant.
27. I went every year as a child.
28. It's basically the best thing my parents ever did for me.
29. Yes, the Park is fun, but it also helped me believe that anything is possible if you dream hard enough.
30. I love cantaloupe. Seriously love.
31. I've met people who dislike cantaloupe, and I just don't understand that.
32. But I love trying to understand people.
33. For many years, I read a bunch on personality pyschology and remain a Myers-Briggs fan.
34. Last time I checked, I was an INFP, which basically means I'm an introverted idealist who is future-oriented and compassionate about people and such.
35. I'm definitely an introvert. Large crowds drain me, unless I am in front of them.
36. Even groups larger than three people tend to suck away my energy.
37. I'm comfortable in a quiet library researching something to a point of no return.
38. I love when people ask me questions in an effort to get to know me.
39. I value my friends.
40. I have some amazing ones.
41. I brake for used book sales, thrift stores, and animals crossing the road.
42. Pizza is my favorite food.
43. Pizza could be the only food and I would be okay with that.
44. I like terribly fattening foods (like pizza, pasta, nachos, ice cream).
45. But I'm also a hypocritical health nut.
46. I've run a half-marathon before.
47. Of course it was Disneyland-related.
48. Robin Hood is my favorite Disney movie, and it doesn't get the attention it should.
49. I'm a peaceful person, but In Cold Blood  by Truman Capote is my favorite book.
50. Mostly because Capote is a literary genius and there is a romantic undertone between the cold-blooded Perry and Capote.
51. Despite my love for Capote, I only just recently saw the film version of Breakfast at Tiffany's.
52. I think my intrigue toward books like the one above comes from my mother's fascination with serial killers. She has a keen interest in the psychology of serial killers. She seriously could have been a criminal profiler or something.
53. I'm the last born of a last born.
54. Which means my grandfather was born in 1891 and I was born in 1982.
55. I prefer a day of adventure to a day of cleaning.
56. That's why if you come over, you must accept the piles of books on the table, the construction paper, the glitter, markers, glue, and stickers that are EVERYWHERE.
57. My husband's amazing.
58. When he sees the house like that, he says, "You got a lot done today," and means it.
59. He's a fabulous cook, but that has nothing to do with me. I'm just tired of talking about myself.
60. But I'm only at #60 so we must trudge on.
61. Sometimes I won't use the future subjunctive mood because I don't want others to judge me.
62. I do the same with other forms of informal speech.
63. I'm terribly near-sighted.
64. Someone once told me only "strange people" go near-sighted around adolescence.
65. At 13, I read one book per night, wrote stories, and became near-sighted.
66. Educational supply stores are like alternative Disneylands.
67. I will not mind if you gift me with educational goodies. For me or my son.
68. I love crosswords puzzles, logic puzzles, and a good ole game of Scrabble.
69. The Care Bears were a big influence on me, growing up.
70. I kick butt at Tetris.
71. I have no sense of fashion. If it's comfy and modest, I'm wearin' it.
72. I'm petite and even my name means "small."
73. I like all kinds of music, but most of it never gets played on the radio (or it did maybe 50 years ago).
74. My favorite word is "impetuous" and I have been accused of being so on many occasions.
75. But those people eventually stopped complaining about going to Disneyland with a 15-minute notice.
76. My wit is two days slow. I always have the perfect comeback within 48 hours.
77. I love Cherry Pepsi.
78. I am fascinated with Australia and hope to travel there someday.
79. African daisies and tiger lillies are my favorite flowers.
80. I didn't value the 1980s until I was out of them for 15 years.
81. Now I get painfully nostalgic about the decade.
82. I was born in '82!
83. I sign my name with a flower (and have since I was 15)
84. I'm ashamed about what I would do for a Klondike bar.
85. Or any kind of ice cream, really.
86. I care deeply about people.
87. My high expectations of people often lead to disappointment.
88. I'm working on that.
89. I'm seriously imperfect.
90. Autumn is my favorite season. The colors, the scents, the food, the weather.
91. I have a very distant ancestor named "America."
92. I wish my hair could naturally grow violet strands.
93. I've dyed it that way a few times, but that is way too much maintenance for me.
94. I'm barefoot most of the time.
95. I even got a pair of Vibrams to feel like I'm barefoot everywhere else.
96. What I admire about Disneyland is that it is ever-changing, forever morphing and moving into the future.
97. Plus, it embodies the spirit of adventure and fun.
98. And it helps us believe that anything is possible.
99. That is exactly what I want for my family.
100. And I have no problem going against the grain to do just that.