Sunday, November 15, 2015

Play School with Jack~ Letter Ee

Play School for 1-Year-Old (13M) Jack
Week Five
Letter Ee
(Pictures/comments for this week are sparse because Jack is busy mastering how to walk and he is cutting a tooth, so I have been busy observing and healing his jaw pain)

Letter-of-the-Week box~ Letter Ee

Letter Ee box is filled with egg cartons, letter Es, an elephant finger puppet, an egg and chick stencil, a large elephant card, envelopes, cards with an eagle and elephant, and the book Green Eggs and Ham.

Again, this week, Jack showed disinterest in his letter box. I'm assuming it's because he's busy with walking! Still, I left it out for him to explore but never forced him to play with it. 


We lovingly flooded our home with the King of Rock 'n' Roll: Elvis Presley. I played YouTube playlists of Elvis music and sang and danced along with them. Jack seemed to enjoy the new music.

Other language activities~
  • lots of talking, listening, and conversing
  • continued sign language exposure (mostly "more" and "banana")
  • singing the ABCS
  • counting (steps, buttons, fingers, and toes)
Physical and sensory activities~

As I mentioned, Jack is focused on walking right now. He constantly practices pulling himself up (on furniture and without assistance) and takes many steps. Pulling himself on a riding toy is his latest victory. He's also been working on his pincer grasp.


When Jack is more consumed with a emerging gross motor skill, I have learned he is less interested in other activities, which is okay. My only goal for this stage is exposure (not mastery). 99% of what I'm doing is strewing and allowing him to explore on his own timetable. Meanwhile I am learning him, what he likes and doesn't care for right now and his personality.

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