Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hands-On Skeleton Unit Study and Skeleton Party {Party School!}

Hands-on Skeleton Unit Study
and Skeleton Party
{Party School!}

Every Halloween season, I ask Aidyn to pick a topic related to the holiday. This year he chose skeletons and decided to throw a party around our topic!

You'd think having a party is the antithesis to learning, but Aidyn mastered all sorts of skills through planning for his skeleton shin-dig!

What is Party School?
Party School is inspired by Julie Bogart from Brave Writer, and it is just what it sounds like: a party centered around a school topic. The opportunities for learning are endless, real-life based, and FUN! Aidyn happily wrote, studied the skeletal system, and participated in creating an awesome party for his cousin and friends.

Step One: Create invitations!

Aidyn worked on writing (I dictated his invitation message on the board), copywork, handwriting, designing, and drawing just by creating invitations to his party.

Aidyn played a couple anatomy games over at Shepperd Software.  

Step Two: Learn all about skeletons!

You can't have a skeleton party without knowing a thing or two about them, right? ::insert sneaky homeschool mom grin::

We learned:
  • the names of major bones in the body
  • location of bones in our body
  • how to care for our bones and make them strong

 Labeling the bones.

Playing Pin-the-Bow-Tie-on-the-Skeleton game

This one is Pin-the-Apple-above-the-Mandible

 Watching Disney's classic "Skeleton Dance"

Step Three: Prepare for the Party!

Aidyn helped me purchase supplies (like skeleton decals, plastic bones, and bone candy). On the day of the party, he decorated the house and trampoline, blew up inflatable skeletons, and tested the Bone Toss game.

 Bones for the game and goodies for the prizes!

 Aidyn practiced division by dividing the candy and the bones into equal groups.

 He even crafted the Bone Toss sign.

 His cousin, Danielle, helped hang decorations.

This gentlemen kept the drinks cold.

Label-the-Little-Skeleton game

Step Four: Party!
Reenacting the Skeleton Dance as it played

Some of the kids playing the Bone Toss game.

Jumping on the trampoline (to keep our bones strong!).

 Even Jack got involved by tossing bones.

 Bone sorting.

 Our party somehow led to a screening of Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

We ate hot dogs and "marshmallow bone treats" (forgot to take a picture because we were having so much fun!), and the kids all had a blast and talked about bones the whole day. Win, win! 

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