Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Our First Poetry Teatime {Brave Writer}

We enjoyed our first poetry teatime today.

I lit a candle, baked some sugar cookies (from a premade mix), and whipped up some orange hot chocolate.

I discovered this Haunted Brew mix at Grocery Depot and knew Aidyn would love it a whole lot more than tea.

Aidyn helped with rolling the dough and stamping out star shapes.

We shared a bunch of funny poems. Here, Aidyn's in the background acting goofy and dramatically enjoying his sugar cookie. He cracked up at many of them, especially the one that sang, "Happy birthday to you/ You live in a zoo/ You smell like a monkey/ And you look like one, too!"

I'm thankful for the sweet time we shared today (and the sweet treats! Though, next time, I think I'm going ALL premade from the bakery) and look forward to next Tuesday. <3 p="">

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