Saturday, August 23, 2014

Field Trip Friday: World of Wonders Science Museum

While compiling my list of 400+ Northern California field trips, I came across a hands-on science museum in Lodi and decided to check it out.

The World of Wonders Science Museum certainly encourages hands-on science discovery. Although situated in busy downtown, the museum showcases a relatively large space filled with dozens of exhibits. Admission is more than reasonable:

Adults (18+)- $6
Students (18+)- $5
Teachers free
Children (2-17)- $4
Seniors (60+)- $5

The space allows for free-range exploration and discovery. Aidyn, his grandma, and I wandered from one experience to another, often rallying each other with "hey, come check this out, or "ooo, look what this does!"

Aidyn loved this plasma ball when we first walked in.

The museum is also home to a few interesting animals.

Aidyn and Grandma at the hand battery.

The spinning turntable.

This is a really cool exhibit. You place your hands on the metal pads, which record your pulse/heart beat, and the drum reproduces it with a bang, bang, bang.

Touching an 8 foot tornado.

Newton's Cradle.

Aidyn spent the majority of his time at the Lego table building cars to slide down the track.

Bending laser lights.

He loved this flight simulator.

Giant microscope.

We had so much fun at the WOW Science Museum! It was such an open-ended experience that we talked about visiting again sometime. 

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