Saturday, February 15, 2014

Field Trip Friday: The State Theater in Modesto

On Valentine's Day, we went to the State Theater located in Modesto, Ca. The theater opened Christmas Day in 1934 and is the only original theater from that time to last through the years.

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We met up with our homeschool group, got free popcorn, and took our seats in the beautiful theater.

We watched a short documentary detailing the history of the State Theater and its youth education programs. Afterward they showed vintage cartoons including Betty Boop and her pup Pudgy. This little outing fit perfectly with our History of Animation and Film Unit Study.

Aidyn enjoying his popcorn.

Afterward, the kids put on a talent show. A high schooler played "The Star-Spangled Banner" on an electric guitar, another sang "Let It Go" from Frozen, another performed stand-up comedy, a young man demonstrated some red belt karate moves and broke some boards with his heel and fist, and a family performed a funny skit of "Little Red Riding Hood."

All the kids gathered on stage for a group photo and received Valentine's treats. After, the theater played upbeat music and allowed the kids to dance on stage. I wasn't sure if my shy guy would dance in front of all those people, but he did! I have several blurry photos of him dancing (or jumping?) on stage with a group of other enthusiastic dancers.

This was an adorable little field trip and we're planning another visit soon.


  1. What a cool field trip and theater! It looks beautiful and I just love your new blog header!

    1. Thank you, Jody! Thought it was time for a change. : )