Friday, March 29, 2013

Mamatography 2013 Week Twelve: Painting, Egg Hunting, and Phonics-Battles

I am taking part in the Mamatography 2013 Challenge with Momma Jorje and Diary of a First Child to take a photo every day of our day-to-day life and post once a week.

We had a very chill week with no big field trips, as we're approaching Aidyn's first foot race in a week or so and saving up for special extras for that trip.

In art class this week, he made a ladybug from a paper-mache balloon project. He was able to take the other half of the paper-mache piece home, where he painted himself a helmet.

Aidyn and his friends had an Easter egg hunt with the other kids in our community.

He substituted some phonics table work with Reading Eggs, by far his favorite phonics program.

He battled with his phonics tiles. On the left, he had beginning sounds and would call them, for example, "Sir tr-" or "Sir st-." On the right, he had ending sounds, like "Sir -ick." He charged them at each other a la Gawain's World style and made dozens of words.

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  1. I love the phonics tile battles! So cool!

  2. Thank you! I forget sometimes to "think like a boy" when it comes to helping Aidyn learn. His phonics battle was a nice reminder for me.