Monday, February 4, 2013

Mamatography 2013 Week Four: Ocean Potion and Yellow Submarines.

I am taking part in the Mamatography 2013 Challenge with Momma Jorje and Diary of a First Child to take a photo every day of our day-to-day life and post once a week.

I am failing miserably.

Although last week was chock full of fun ocean books and science experiments, I documented next to nothing. It was one of those weeks where we had busy homeschool fun and didn't think twice to stop for a picture.

I have some, so I will share. And resolve to take more pictures this week.

Here's Aidyn making Ocean Potion, a neat little snack idea from Spoonful. It is a basic blue gelatin with submerged ocean gummies.

We have been working on copywork lately, but I think I need to thank his Nintendo 3DS and his art class for his improved fine motor skills.

In our homeschool this week, we have been learning about the ocean, specifically coral reefs, aquatic animals and submarines. Here, Aidyn's eating a Tuna and Seaweed (spinach leaves) sandwich with a side of chips and ocean fruit snacks while watching The Beatles' Yellow Submarine.

We have a super busy week, but I resolve to take more pictures!


  1. That doesn't look like a failure to me at all! I love every picture you've shared and can't wait to see more. You are so imaginative!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment! Then I double-resolve to post more.