Saturday, September 1, 2012

Working with the Workbox System

Scheduling and planning subjects to cover, books to read, crafts to craft, and experiments to conduct can be overwhelming. One way that we have wrestled the beast of planning and scheduling the day is through workboxes.

I first read about Sue Patrick's Workbox Method through Heart of Wisdom. I'm a super visual person, and my little guy is, too. Turns out there's a bunch of different ways to workbox. Some folks repurpose cereal boxes or coordinate Dollar Store containers, but those people also have the gift of creativity, which I run low on sometimes.

I bought the ordinary, shm-ordinary plastic file boxes.

I thought the numbers and tags from Heart of Wisdom were simple and adorable so I printed and laminated them.
As you can see, I labeled each box with a number. Every day I load the card strip for the next day.
Flexibility is key. The world does not fall apart if we take lunch before completing box #2. The card strip serves merely as a guide, to help us see what we need to get done each day. Our goal is to take off all the cards at the end of the school day.

Our workbox system keeps us focused, lest we drift off into some exciting chapter book for too long.


  1. This looks incredible. I love how organized you are. We have just been blundering our way through this year but I've recently read another post on workboxes and now seeing yours - it seems to make a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing your system.

  2. You're very welcome. Honestly, I think the workbox system helps keep me on track more than my little one!