Friday, September 14, 2012

Outdoor Hour Challenge #4

The next challenge at The Handbook of Nature Study blog encouraged us to focus on a specific element of study. Our lesson with Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel asked us to look at trees and things in motion. We decided to combine our studies to focus on trees in motion.

First we observed the tree nearest to us, touched its bark, commented on its high-up branches. We saw another tree further on with striking differences to the first. We simply traveled from tree to tree, comparing each to the last.

Eventually we plopped down and began sketching. We talked about the "shape" of some trees, that many evergreens look "pointy," while other trees like more rounded.

Aidyn sketched a mammoth evergreen tree and a little tree with pink flowers blossoming on it.

When we returned home, Aidyn added splashes of color.

Adding some brown bark.

As we read Mike Mulligan, we noted the illustrator's style in creating motion in her drawings. Aidyn noticed the blurs of color to show that something was moving. We revisited our tree picture, and I showed him how to take a piece of chalk, create lines from the moving part and blend in the direction it moved.

He tried it with his evergreen, and his tree looked like it was experiencing a blustery day!

We are both so enjoying our outdoor hour challenges. We both come in refreshed and ready to start the day. Aidyn's attitude, as well, is much calmer and peaceful if we've had a morning nature walk.

What we were able to accomplish this day:

  • Aidyn wrapped up Unit 1 of his math book and took the unit test.
  • We played a few rounds of the sight word/tower building game, only this time he had to also put the word into a sentence. I lost three times.
  • Aidyn wrote his sentences for the day with very little assistance from me.
  • We read about the gods of ancient Egypt, specifically Osiris, Isis, and Set. Afterward, he colored a picture of Osiris and shared the story with his grandma and dad.
  • Aidyn played outside with his friends, with his new cement mixer toy (from the Dollar Tree) inspired by Mike Mulligan.
  • I made a "Neat and Square" Mike Mulligan Chocolate Cake.

Check back for more Outdoor Hour Challenges and the FIAR row of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel!

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