Monday, September 10, 2012

Outdoor Hour Challenge #2

You might remember that last week we went on our first Outdoor Hour Challenge from The Handbook of Nature Study blog.

For this morning's challenge, we decided to find 5 living things, be they flora, fauna, and/or human.

It's funny how amongst all the grass, trees, and nicely landscaped bushes that, when asked, "Do you see anything living?" Aidyn's first response was, "No, there's nothing here."

Eventually we found a pearly white cat that met Aidyn's qualifications for a living being. Afterward he happily picked a sunflower and asked a bajillion questions about sunflowers, and I confidently supplied the answer to about four of them.

Then we walked amongst rows and rows of growing corn stalks.

"See anything alive?"


At some point, he accepted that so much around him was alive, and we spouted off all the living things near us.

We even spotted a small tunnel opening with scores of ants slowly marching around it.

"Why do you think they're moving so slowly?" I asked him.

"Maybe 'cuz it's cold."

I was intrigued by their colors, half black and half brown-red. When we got home, I looked up these crazy ants while Aidyn drew the five living things he found in his nature journal. We also read about sunflowers and tried to answer the last 996 zillion questions.

Same as last week, going out on a morning nature walk granted me a calm and collected little student today. His attitude was stellar, and we got a lot accomplished, including:
  • "Digging" into our new book, Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, talking about characters in the story (and how stories need characters) and writing his thoughts in our lapbook.
  • Cuddling on the couch and watching two old Disney shorts featuring steam shovels as characters.
  • Playing the sight word/tower building game again. Losing twice.
  • Letting Aidyn work independently on his phonics sheet. He did so well!
  • Jumping into a new chapter book/graphic novel.

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