Friday, September 7, 2012

Field Trip Friday: Sonora/The Candy Vault

Today we trekked to Sonora in California's Gold Country to sample the shining, glittering examples of LUSCIOUS CANDY. (We'll cover the Gold Rush later.)

Here's Aidyn and his grandma practically dying because I made them take a picture before busting through the doors to candy heaven.

But as it turned out, Aidyn walked past all the candy and headed straight for a little toy section at the back of the store and found a huge whoopie cushion.

Eventually my there-ain't-no-way-I'm-buying-a-12-dollar-whoopie-cushion face led him to choose a more reasonably priced (and insanely adorable) stuffed lemur.

Here he is strolling with his new lemur in a neat educational supply store we found down the way from The Candy Vault.

A goofy hat he just had to try on.

We left the Gold Country making out like bandits.


A "rain-icorn" lollipop (he watches too much Adventure Time)
A stuffed lemur
A laser light lollipop
A Rocket Pop
An Auto Bingo game (which we all played on the way home)
Little educational tchotchkes


A bag of candy consisting of chocolate gummi bears, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, root beer gummi bottles, and sour gummi strips, and chocolate seashells

For my husband

A box of zombie bubble gum
Full rights to my candy bag

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  1. Mine always seem to find the whoopie cushions too! Looks like a yummy place to visit! Thanks for linking up!