Tuesday, August 14, 2012

70s Saturday Morning (and Weekend!)

This last weekend we traveled back to the 70s and ending up spending the whole weekend there. Our toy selection shrank to include only a table tennis net, paddles, and a few white balls, but we probably had more fun with our converted dining room table than our Nintendo Wii.

Our Saturday morning line-up looked as follows:

The Pebbles and BamBam Show
The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?
Sigmund and the Sea Monster
Pink Panther
Land of the Lost
Hong Kong Phooey
Challenge of the Superfriends

as well as grainy commercials like this one.

We ended up having company on Saturday and Sunday morning so we had an informal table tennis tournament. On Sunday morning, we replayed the cartoon line-up. Later that afternoon, we went to a relic of a place, probably one of the last surviving of its kind, a forgotten old hangout....a roller skating rink.

The place looked like it had been preserved in the 70s. The building was a dull tan color with decorative swirls of dark brown. Only a few cars spotted the parking lot, but the building appeared abandoned. Inside were old arcade games, those yellow and red tables and booths one would see in 70s restaurants, gnarly carpets, and a wide open rink with only a few skaters rolling around.

To be honest, I hadn't skated in 16 years or so. When I put them on and attempted to stand, they felt more slippery than I remembered. It took us all quite awhile to push ourselves out there and embrace the possibility of falling, but we did it.

Ok, so after awhile I got a tad bit cocky and attempted to do some serious-bend-my-knees tricks.

Aidyn had a blast and even requested a pair of skates so he could keep practicing.

Spending the weekend playing table tennis, watching those old shows, and capping it off with a trip to a roller rink really gave us the 70s feel. Of course, we have Granny to attest to the accuracy of our experiences. If she feels like she transported back in time, it's a solid win.

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