Friday, June 1, 2012

Swinging into Adventureland

Image not mine.
This summer month, we will swing into Adventureland, largely to learn about exploration. Adventureland was designed the capture the curiosities of "unfamiliar" landscapes and echoes the true spirit of exploration through the Indiana Jones Ride through treacherous caves and the tour guide-led boats on the Jungle Cruise.

The last time we studied Adventureland when Aidyn was three, we focused mostly on the animals found in the savanna and the rainforests.  This time he's big enough to tackle a globe making activity I have in mind and get a grasp on latitude and longitude. Mostly, my aim for Adventureland month to is capture the spirit of exploration.

We'll also revisit:

animals that live in the savanna
animals that live in the rainforests
where in the world are the rainforests

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