Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Call of the Wild Rainforest

Apparently, the internet is teeming with resources about the rainforest. There are so many directions to go, vines on which to swing, and giant Amazon lily pads to jump off that we're just going to dive right in and see what happens.

I've plucked a number of rainforesty books from our local library including:

image from

Search "The Great Kapok Tree" itself and you'll find tons of go-along lesson plans, like the one at Homeschool Share.

We also picked up a fun video about rainforest animals, plus I have some cartoon movie back-ups in case I get desperate:

  1. Fern Gully
  2. Rio
My mind is going blank. Can anyone think of any more?

My plan for today is to go grocery shopping in the rainforest (insert dramatic music).

Okay, not really. But we are going to take a list of foods (mostly fruits) naturally found in the rainforests and make a Rainforest Fruit Salad when we get back home. I constructed my list with the help of this site.

I've also read other blogs where daring parents replicate the rainforest biome using moist foods like buttered bread, celery, along with ground-up Oreos. Yum indeed.

We'll swing from that vine when we get to it, I suppose.


  1. jungle book?

  2. Yes! I had forgotten all about The Jungle Book. I haven't seen Biodome in AGES. Whatever happened to Pauly Shore?