Wednesday, June 20, 2012

California, Here We Come!

Disneyland in October is approaching quickly as we hop, skip, and jump through these Disneyland-related unit studies. Our next stop is to  focus on the California Adventure Park as a whole.

Lucky for us, we live in California so hands-on experiences abound!

The goal for this unit is:

  1.  to hear California-related stories like Nine for California and Humphrey the Lost Whale ( I STILL remember when the author, Richard Hall, visited our dinky little school in French Camp).
  2.  to learn a little bit about the Gold Rush, the landscape, the agriculture, and the earthquake-prone geography.
  3. to learn the state facts-- bird, flag, flower, etc.
  4. to understand the spirit of our home state
Also I have these wild dreams hopes of possibly:

  • driving on Highway 1
  • crossing the Golden Gate Bridge
  • taking some California history-related field trips
  • do a bunch of activities that SCREAM "California" like dance to Beach Boy music and see a celebrity (pfff!)

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