Thursday, June 28, 2012

2. Grand openings

Most people hate spending more than two minutes in line at the grocery store, even with the cover of National Enquirer alerting you to the birth of a vampire-bat-man, for your reading pleasure.

But, most people will sacrifice hours upon hours of time and buckets of endorphins at a grand opening.

Whether it's the new Harry Potter movie or a shot to purchase the new Apple iPad, crowds will form and people are more than willing to standing THAT CLOSE to random people for the next few hours.

Why is that?

Is it the rush of excitement,

the anticipation that built up over the course of waiting for whatever-it-is to open or come out,

the joy of seeing something brand new,

the reunion to that which you love,

or something else entirely?

I once stood in the hot, June sun for four hours to ride the new Star Tours ride at Disneyland. At the end of waiting, I felt like I really knew the people I stood behind for hours. Like we should exchange numbers or something.

But I did it, and would do it all over again, because the excitement and anticipation of experiencing this new, amazing thing felt so wonderful. Ah, this is what life is all about.

How spectacular it is that we have these things to look forward to, to brighten our lives, to give us that titilating glee over something so simple.

What have you waited for? What was worth hours in line to experience? Why on earth do you wait for a grand opening?

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