Thursday, April 26, 2012

Woodland Animal Identification via Disney Classic

In learning about animals found in Critter Country, our geography studies have focused on the North American woodlands. As a fun way to become confident in learning which animals inhabit the forest, Aidyn viewed the cinematic classic, Bambi.

The scene that still makes me tear up. It's probably not the one you think.
Prior to watching, I created a simple checklist on Microsoft Word. I listed several animals and included a realistic picture with a checkbox. I scrambled in some animals that do not inhabit the forest so that Aidyn could learn to distinguish between them.

Being six, he can easily identify familiar forest animals, but certain creatures, like quails and opossoms, had him thinking.
Once I started the film, he was on the lookout for woodland animals. Because it was structured as a hunt, his attention was keen. He even identified some animals I had forgotten to include. As such, he happily wrote in those animals' names.

When we watch movies, it isn't to take the "easy route," but rather it is a chance to interact with a moving model. In doing so, we talked about the animals, their movements and habits, the story's themes, and our feelings toward the movie.

Once the movie finished, we watched an extra feature, a reenactment of the animator's meeting prior to making the movie. The meeting, at the time, was transcribed so as not to lose pertinent ideas. A group of actors filled in the voices, including Walt's, and we listened to it as they re-played the film. It was amazing to hear how closely the ideas resembled the finished product!

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