Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rabbity Week

(pictures to come)

Last week, we learned all about rabbits as a sub-topic for Critter Country in Disneyland and for the approaching Easter holiday. We read several wabbity stories including The Little Rabbit, One Brown Bunny, and Gail Gibbon's wonderful Rabbits, Rabbits, and More Rabbits, among others.

Aidyn also made a lapbook chronicling the things he learned, particularly about what rabbits eat, the difference between a rabbit and a hare, the scientific classification of rabbits, and some drawn scenes from the chapter book, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

As a mini-field trip, we visited a local feed store and observed rabbits and bunnies. There were adorable lion-headed rabbits (which we never knew existed before now!) and a whole litter of precious baby bunnies.

As a craft, the whole family made papier-mache rabbits. This new craft introduced Aidyn to a specific way of sculpting using mod podge, and he had such a blast.

The unit ended after a nice Easter celebration. The Easter Bunny brought Aidyn many goodies, and our church hosted a little egg hunt for the children.

We're still poring over Miraculous Journey as the rabbit theme continues throughout the month in Critter Country.

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