Monday, April 23, 2012

Pooh Sticks and Hunny Pots!

This weekend, our family went down to a local river where we know a bridge to exist and played Pooh Sticks. We hiked along the paths as Aidyn bundled up stacks of sticks in his arms. The hike, with all its greenery and serenity, was refreshing. When we made our way onto the bridge, we readied our Pooh sticks by tying ribbons on them (for identification purposes). I asked Aidyn, based on the river current, which side of the bridge we should throw our sticks. He selected the eastern side. We all chucked our sticks in and scurried to the western side to see whose stick would come out first. Funnily enough, Aidyn "won" every race, but the whole experience felt like a big win for family time and fun.

Later, when we got home, we made Hunny Pots out of terra cotta flower pots. Inspired by a Disney site hosting Winnie the Pooh crafts, we each painted a hunny pot. The next day, we walked to the store to buy some seeds. I chose beautiful blue Cupid's Darts, Daddy planted jalapeno peppers, and Aidyn planted corn. After watering them, we found a nice, sunny spot on our porch.

Me, painting my blue hunny pot.

 Daddy, meticulously outlining his "green slime" honey.

Our finished pots, sans dirt and seeds.

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