Thursday, April 12, 2012

Home Performance of Brer Gator and Brer Rabbit

After a couple busy days helping a friend and waiting for public school demands to end, Aidyn and I got back to Critter Country. Yesterday we reread "Brer Gator and Brer Rabbit" and decided to act the whole story out. Aidyn played Brer Gator and wore a dragon tail to simulate Brer Gator's whiplashing tail. I played Brer Rabbit (complete with bunny ears) and Squinten Squirrel (with my silly Dale hat).

I would never have done this in front of people, but we overacted and made the story into a fun, slapstick comedy. After rehearsing a few times, Grandma watched our performance and offered a heart applause. Aidyn wanted to add more to the story so I followed his lead and stage directions, and it turned out well.

I'm a big fan of play-acting. I probably cannot list and categorize every little thing he learned in performing the story, but I know that "being" a character and living the story (if only for a moment) allowed the tale to melt into his long-term memory. I hope this crazy episode remains in his memory for a long time, even if his opinion of his mother is that she is beyond silly.

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