Monday, March 26, 2012

Screening The Velveteen Rabbit

Getting excited watching me pull out any "critter-themed" movies for next month, Aidyn asked if we could watch The Velveteen Rabbit together. We snuggled and shared the film on a lazy Sunday morning. Although I grew up with the old cartoon version of the same name, Aidyn has come to enjoy both the oldie and this 2009 live action/animated movie about a boy who befriends a toy rabbit and learns a powerful lesson about love.

Afterwards, we each painted a picture of a rabbit with watercolors and titled it.

These little moments excite me for what's to come. Since he is still attending public school kindergarten, we need not focus too much on certain aspects of academia; however, he does not do many science-related activties in kindergarten so I am hoping this ten-month project will supplement that.

If anything, our activities will be sweet family moments shared with a common goal of enjoying a long family vacation at the Happiest Place on Earth.

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