Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Heracles and the 12 Labors

Aidyn and I have been on a Greek myth kick lately. I just finished re-reading The Odyssey by Homer, and Aidyn and I have been snuggling up with Usborne's Greek Myths for Young Children. Specifically, we have been reading about the might Heracles (Hercules) and his dazzling feats of strength and cunning. Although exciting to see Heracles defeat the creatures he is ordered to destroy, it's heartwarming to see him spare innocent creatures, per goddess Athenea's objections.
Alongside the reading, we have been watching an old Hercules cartoon from the 1960's. The cartoon twists stories around, of course, pairing Hercules with Helen, for example, but it does a good job introducing different mythological characters.
Last night, I stumbled upon Jim Henson's Storytellers, which features different Greek myths, no of which we have yet covered. I plan on reading him myths in conjunction with those videos, after we finish Heracles, of course.

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