Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fantasy Comes Alive!

Yesterday evening, our family attended a show entitled, "Fantasy Comes Alive," at The Grand Theatre, which originally was a vaudeville theatre in th 1920s. Plopping front and center in the first row, we talked with the comedic ushers and rolled our heads taking in all the sights. The theatre is certainly old, and I imagined the stage filled with vaudevillians, wondering who sat in my seat almost 100 years ago.

We were delightfully surprised that the show carried a Disney theme (I swear I did not know!). We were introduced to each Disney princess as well as the Giant from Disney's Mickey and the Beanstalk, along with witches and fairy godmothers. The sweet part was that the show interacted with the audience quite heavily, asking for audience volunteers and tossing out gifts to the crowd.
Afterward there was an egg hunt in a beautiful wonderland and a meeting with the Easter bunny himself. Aidyn scored autographs from all the Disney characters on his Easter bucket and plucked nearly a dozen eggs. After a hug and a high-five from the Easter bunny, we made our way home.

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