Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Elves and The Shoemaker--Day One, Two, and Three

During this unit study, we have read two versions of The Elves and the Shoemaker, multiple times. After one such reading, Aidyn and I talked about elves and decided to craft one. I printed out a hat, pointy ears, and a collar. Aidyn drew a face on a white sheet of paper and proceeded to decorate the accessories with bright colors, stickers, and rhinestones. Afterward, he glued all the pieces where he saw fit, and we waited for it to dry. An hour later, Aidyn elected to hang it in the middle of the living room wall.

The next day, we read another version of the story, with only slight differences. We continued talking about the story, answering both of our questions. Later, Aidyn watched a cartoon version of the story that we have. This account was almost wholly different. But Aidyn enjoyed all the versions.

On another day, we read other story about shoes, in general. If the Shoe Fits was about the youngest born son who tired from receiving old hand-me-downs from his brothers. On his 9th birthday, he gets new loafers and is pleased to look so new and sharp. The problem occurs when an older bully confronts him for wearing loafers and trying to "look rich." So he decides to toss the shoes in the closet, forgetting them and growing all the while. It's not until a girl's birthday party does he remember his shiny shoes, but trying them on, finds they are too tight. Eventually he gifts them to an uncle who got a new job as a waiter.

We also read Red Dancing Shoes which exhibits a young girl who is given bright, shiny red shoes by her grandmother. The girl is inspired to dance just by wearing the new shoes. Her and her older sister run errands to show off the new shoes. Dancing, skipping, and running, she loves her red shoes until she slips and falls in a mud puddle. She thinks that having dirtied her shoes mean they have lost their dancing skills. However, an aunt helps her clean and polish them back to health, and thus her dancing is restored.

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