Saturday, April 3, 2010

Busy Break

With Mama home on Spring Break, Aidyn and I have been busy people. This week, we did our quarterly assessments (which Aidyn strangely loved). It had been a full three months since our beginning of the year assessment, so I reviewed the same "test" to mark his improvement. Within only three months of time, he has learned so much more. For example, in January, he could identify approximately 15 letters (whether they were uppercase or lowercase) and now he can identify 22+ with confidence. Additionally, three months ago, he was a little shaky with his shape recognition, but now he can correctly identify all the major shapes. Before he could rote count to 5 and now he counts to 12. Similarly, in rational counting he made it to 8 and now makes it to 12.

I also took into account his marked gains in self-confidence and ability as shown in our recent Disneyland trip where he confronted old fears and faced new challenges. These things would probably not be measured in say, public school's standardized tests, but to me they are just as valid at showing intellectual growth.

We also revisited our large curriculum goal list and happily checked off close to 50% of our original goals such as: keep a small pet (our geck0), watch the cycle of caterpillar-to-butterfly again, go hiking, etc.

In all, I know where he stands and where we're headed. He's thriving and I am proud!

During this week, we've also read stacks of books at Aidyn's enthusiastic requests. We've reread a favorite of his: The Ghost-Eye Tree as well as Alligators All Around, The Beasty Story, Go Away Montsers Lickety-Split, The Art Lesson, The Knight and the Dragon, Oh, The Places You'll Go, and Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

We've been crafty as well, making an assortment of fans using handprints, footprints, headprints (!), and the creation of animals using hand poses.

Today we plan on doing our annual egg-dyeing and Easter-themed storytime as we wait for the Easter Bunny to come our way!

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