Saturday, March 13, 2010

Poignant Books and Computer Games

Aidyn and I have been very sick this week. Although it has been difficult to fit activities in, we've tried our best. The other night, Aidyn and I took in a slew of heartwarming books. I had actually gone to the library without a pre-decided theme or list of books, and searched for some of my childhood favorites. I uncovered The Little House, Ten Apples Up on Top, Kellogg's version of Jack and the Beanstalk, I'll Teach my Dog 100 Words, and Go, Dog. Go!

Aidyn and I, sniffly-nosed, read these books together and talked about them. He had such poignant questions and observations about The Little House, a story about a strong, pink house built in the countryside who witnessed the rapid revolution of industry, motor cars, subways, tenement buildings, smoke, and unhappiness.

After reading Jack and the Beanstalk, I asked Aidyn, "so who do you think the 'bad' guy in the story was?"

Immediately (as most folks do), he replied, "The ogre. He was mean."

We then talked about other characters and their actions. I mentioned that Jack stole things from the ogre and took more than he needed. I asked him now, "who is the 'bad' guy?"

He had to think about this for a while. He recognizes that Jack did bad things, but he is set on the ogre being the 'bad' guy. He's much too young to explain this to (the negative connotations of the ogre's words, the heavy phonetic sounds, etc.), but one day we will revisit it and have quite a debate!

This week, we have also worked on Aidyn's computer skills. Through, we played several games that required the use of the mouse and arrow keys. After some practice, Aidyn became pretty adept at the task required. He even learned how to click on an image and drag it to a desired spot.

We fortunately stumbled on and played many matching games. When he completed the medium stage, he was awarded a Silverstein picture, which we promptly printed out.

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