Monday, March 1, 2010

Leaps in Confidence

After a much-needed vacation at Disneyland, we're ready to get back to our schedule! Although we were technically having an "Anything Can Happen!" Week, Aidyn made much personal progress while at Disneyland. Finally reaching the required height, Aidyn was able to ride Star Tours with the family. I'll never forget the measurement process with the Cast Member when Aidyn got the big OK. He absolutely loved the ride. During our 3-day stay, we rode Star Tours about six times!

Then, to my great surprise, Aidyn felt compelled to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, a highly turbulent roller coaster. It was remarkable to see how brave he could be. He even confronted his two old fears: riding Pirates of the Caribbean and watching a Bug's Life Show (both, he said, he wouldn't do again). I feel wonderful because this exemplifies his growing confidence in himself and his abilities and his trust in his parents. This whole thing, much like many aspects of raising a child, was a process. From a tender age, we exposed him to rides (as tame as merry-go-rounds and quarter-rides at the grocery store) while he built his self-confidence and trust. I'm thrilled that we can have fun as a family, and I'm mighty proud of Aidyn.

Sometimes the best lessons don't spring from textbooks but from gradual processes of life experiences. This may not seem like a huge deal, but for me it translates into a sense of confidence and trust that he can apply to anything that stands in his way. These experiences fall under my two main goals for my son: getting an education and having a damn good time. Other than that, not much else matters. : )

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