Thursday, March 4, 2010

Forgot to Mention!

Supporting my wacky viewpoint that Disneyland can, in fact, be educational, the Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln show brought the famous president to life in ways a textbook or myself could never do. Fittingly on Homeschool Day at the park, Aidyn, his grandma, and I browsed through the Disney Gallery and theater where the Lincoln show had finally been restored. We looked at old models, maps, and pictures of the Disneyland park from its inception in 1955 to the present. We even watched a video about the history of Disneyland and learned new things along the way.

Inside the room just outside the theater, we marveled at a grand model of the Capitol, busts of Abe Lincoln, and poignant portraits of events of his presidency and the weight of war. During the show, we gasped at how lifelike Mr. Lincoln appeared and felt like we had just sat in on one of his greatest speeches. According to the pre-show, Disney had exhaustively researched Lincoln, his mannerisms, and his idiosyncrasies. It was amazing.

Although Aidyn knows who Abraham Lincoln is, I understand that he didn't get the full effect of the show, but (fingers crossed) one day he will.

Just outside the theater, after watching the show, we strolled along the hallways. Each wall was dedicated to a certain ideal (Perseverance, Imagination, Courage, etc) and portraits of famous representatives hung on the walls. Walking through, I pointed out familiar faces to Aidyn and explained why they were hung there.

Needless to say, it was quite a neat little experience!

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