Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lovin' the Arts and Crafts

Yesterday Aidyn and I collaboratively made a love tree in honor of the approaching holiday. From an old gardening magazine, I cut out the trunk and branches of a tree. Aidyn helped glue it on a piece of construction paper. He then used crayons to color cut-out heart shapes as I freed pictures of flowers and garden creatures from the magazine. He glued on the hearts and flowers at the top of the tree to simulate leaves. Then, when all was complete, we talked about all the things he loves. First he named off the important people in his life, and I wrote their names on the hearts. He then spouted off his favorite things: favorite cartoon, color, number, food, activity, Disneyland ride, etc. In the end, we had a gorgeous tree of love. He couldn't wait to hang it on the wall, so I let him pick a spot and helped him attach it.

Later, Aidyn colored a "Happy Valentine's Day" Sprout coloring page. Finding a remaining cut-out heart, he brought it to his grandma's room and taped it lovingly to her TV set.

When I returned home from work, Aidyn pulled out his fingerpaints, so I set up an area at the table for him. He sploshed his fingers full of paint and made, what he eventually called, a dragon. As soon as it dried, we hung it on the wall. Yesterday was certainly an artistic day!

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