Monday, January 4, 2010


This weekend was spent mostly in doing fun assessments with Aidyn and continuing his letter work. I found some helpful assessment worksheets for preschoolers and used them to guide our activities which included asking him to count by rote, count objects, identify letters, sounds of letters, colors, and shapes. He did well in most areas, and I also have a better idea about where he is lacking. I compiled these updated abilities and challenges along with a worksheet on goals for the 2010 year and placed them in a binder. I have also been compiling my resources for our plans this year.

Aidyn has consistently been working on letter identification. Today he correctly identified 22 letters! Before we even "did our letters," Aidyn played teacher and plucked letter cards out from the pocket chart. He told me and his grandma their names and many times told us their sounds. For some special letters, he would even say what words began with such letters. For instance, he picked up letter Z and said, "Here's Z, Grandma. It says, 'Zzzzz,' like 'Zzzurg' and zzzoo." His improvement is apparent and, more importantly, he is showing an eagerness and curiousity to learn that I love seeing.

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