Sunday, January 10, 2010

ABC's and 123's Synopsis

This was a wonderful first week of homeschool for 2010. Daily, we sang the ABC song while using his blue pocket chart for reference and we worked on letter recognition. At his best, he correctly identified 22 letters. And now, with the letters he does know, he can identify whether they are uppercase or lowercase. Mixed in with our letter work, Aidyn learned the sounds of several letters and can also name things that begin with certain letters. Next week, as an addendum to our curriculum, we will work further on phonics and word recognition using the pocket chart.

With counting, he has improved his skills by being able to count higher than when we began. We also played counting games with real-life scenarios. Yesterday at the table, I asked Aidyn how many of us were eating. He counted and answered, "Four." When asked how many there would be if Daddy left the room, Aidyn answered, "Three." When I proposed that Daddy would return with a new person and asked how many of us would be here altogether, he answered "Five." Although that seems rather simple, it is an improvement for Aidyn. We played all sorts of games such as that, and we plan to continue throughout the year.

In our Adventures in Nature unit, Getting to Know Snow, Aidyn and I read snow-related books. The family even visited Pinecrest and played in the snow. It was Aidyn's first time actually touching and rolling around in the snow, and it was an experience I'm sure he won't forget soon.

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