Monday, January 4, 2010

ABC's and 123's--Day 1

Today went remarkably well. In the morning after our "brain shake" (apple juice, frozen blueberries, banana, and ground flax seeds mixed in a blender), Aidyn and I worked on his letters. He correctly identified 21, and we reviewed the ones he missed with silly songs. Afterward he colored an alphabet worksheet that he said looked like "alphabet noodles." When he finished, he helped me hole-punch and place his work in his binder. Then it was time for counting games. I brought out our set of eight popsicle molds and asked him to count them. Then I proceeded to pretend to take away one, and ask him to count again. Using math language, Aidyn and I practiced counting, adding, and subtracting. Then we counted blocks. We would first count the entire lot of blocks, then classify them. I would ask him, "Okay, how many red cylinders are there? How many green cubes? How many colored blocks? How many triangles?" So not only did we work on counting, but we used mathematical language and geometric figures to bring it to life.

Later in the day, we took a trip to the library and stocked up on snow-related books. We're all set to go to the snow on Wednesday. We plan on taking thermoses of hot chocolate and edible snowperson pieces (a carrot for the nose, for example), so that once he melts, woodland animals can munch on the remains. We're looking forward to the little getaway.

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