Friday, January 8, 2010

20 Free (or relatively cheap!) Activities to Do with Toddlers/Preschoolers

1. Go stargazing. Just look up in awe. Bonus: bring binoculars.
2. Go for a walk and talk about anything.
3. Count fingers and toes.
4. Bake cookies together. Bonus: make them alphabet-shaped and allow them to "accidently" identify letters.
5. Dance to music and allow the speed and rhythm of the music to dictate your movements.
6. Make scribble monsters. Scribble with a crayon or marker on a piece of paper. Add arms and legs. Bonus: add googly eyes.
7. Play with Play-Doh or molding clay.
8. Build towers, castles, and other such structures with blocks.
9. Share a story in their bed.
10. Read poetry aloud whether or not they’re paying attention.
11. Add water to dirt outside and play in the mud. Bonus: make mud pies.
12. Learn with YouTube. Watch anything (reasonably) requested such as mini-cartoons, videos of tornadoes, the ocean, space, etc. See where it takes you.
13. Pull up Microsoft Word and allow them to peck on the keyboard.
14. Before reading a story, hold the book upside down and wait for them to correct you. Read the wrong way and allow them to teach you how to read a book.
15. Fingerpaint. Dry. Hang in random place (not on the fridge!).
16. Do leaf-rubbings. Put a leaf underneath a sheet of paper and rub a crayon or chalk over it to reveal the outlines of the leaf.
17. Tour a hardware store and talk about items you come across and their uses.
18. Give them a disposable camera and allow them to take pictures of whatever strikes their fancy.
19. Play with change: pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Talk about them, sort them, stack them. Wash hands afterward.
20. Host a food coloring experiment. Add drops of color to water in a see-through container and stir to make an impressive cyclone. Combine colors and see what happens!

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