Thursday, December 31, 2009

Practice Makes Progress---With Letters!

I'm so proud of my little guy. He has gotten comfortable with our "letter time" and actually climbs into his seat enthusiastically. Today we began with the alphabet song. Then I went through the letters, asking Aidyn what each one was. The other day we focused only on lowercase letters, so today was uppercase letters. He only missed six!

He had been experiencing difficulty with letter M, so before we started, I had printed out an M worksheet with mountains in the background to help him remember the shape of M. The worksheet was turned over next to his markers and crayons until the letter work was complete. After finishing, I flipped over the page, and he happily colored away. While he brought color to the letter M and the mountains, I played around with some alphabet cards. Seeing me arrange them, Aidyn excitedly asked if those were next. So we went through the whole deck. I placed three cards in front of him: an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, and a word that started with the same letter. I would ask him what each letter was, and he only missed two! When Grandma came to watch, he would point and say, "That's uppercase M and lowercase m." Then we would sound out the word, "M-m-monkey!" On the back awaited a picture of a monkey, and we had fun making guessing about what kind of pictures would appear on the back ("Will it be a silly monkey or a mean monkey?"). Today was one of those days that we accomplished much while having fun.

I've also been pulling together my resources for next year's curriculum. I have a wonderful book that I will be using called Adventures in Nature that contains weekly themes involving the outdoor world. Those fun and engaging activities will be an addendum to our plans.

We also are debating about taking a small, quick trip to Disneyland for the 2010 unOfficial Homeschool Day on February 26th.

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