Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nuts, Bolts, and Yahtzee

Helping his dad with the building of a standing punching bag, Aidyn, per Dad's instructions, attached washers to the structure. According to Dad, Aidyn got a hands-on lesson about tools, their names, placements, and how to attach them. Dad reported that Aidyn basically built the stand himself and he only tightened the bolts securely. Afterward, the duo practiced their karate skills and both came in the house bragging about their roughed up knuckles. Aidyn got his own Spider-Man punching bag for Christmas and dragged it out with his daddy's so they could practice together. What an adorable sight!

In the evening, the family relaxed with a game of Yahtzee. I had never played the game and neither had Aidyn, so Dad and the printed game rules helped us learn. We all played two games, Daddy winning one and Aidyn winning one. Fun times. : )

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