Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stargazing--Night Two

Last night, Aidyn, his grandma, and I went out to stargaze. We set out chairs, donned our pajamas, and brought along a pair of binoculars and made ourselves comfortable. Instantly, we spied Jupiter glowing ever so brightly and waited until several stars appeared before our eyes. We spent a good hour talking in the night, sharing the binoculars, and commenting on the night sky. Aidyn asked several wonderful questions like, "Why is Jupiter not red? Why is it white? Where's Mars? Where are the other planets?" Later, we went around to the front yard for a better view of the huge full moon. With our binoculars, we observed the intricacies of the moon. This was actually Aidyn's first time using a pair of binoculars and he handled them like a pro. Luckily, Aidyn was able to express his curiousity and wonder about the night sky. Stargazing is something I would like to continue less as a unit activity and more as a constant hobby.

Before our stargazing adventure, Aidyn and I did a project while listening to Vivaldi. I painted each of Aidyn's palms black, and he planted them on a piece of paper. He was amazed to see just how big his hands were. We even went so far as to do his feet (which were even larger!). Afterward, he couldn't walk or touch a thing for fear of getting everything black so we hosed him off in the sink. I titled his pieces of art, dated them, and marked down his current age.

Earlier in the day, Aidyn and his daddy spent time at Outdoor World, talked about animals, and then they played for a couple hours at a nearby park. We all had a very sweet day!

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