Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stargazing--Night Three and Storytime

Tonight Aidyn and his attentive father listened as I read two books entitled Wait Till the Moon is Full by Margaret Wise Brown and Into This Night We Are Rising by Jonathan London. Each curled up on Aidyn's bed, they listened to the sweet little story about a baby raccoon who is so excited to see the moon, but his mother encourages him to be patient until the moon is full. Veiled in the story was a wonderful lesson on the phases of the moon and the effected brightness in the sky depending on the moon's appearance. Brown usually writes such beautiful tales, and this one is no exception. Into This Night We Are Rising took us along with some children up to the skies, into the clouds, and back down to the earth. It was a poetic, imaginative jaunt to the skies by what every child dreams of doing: flying. Aidyn was awe-struck by the children making beds out of the clouds and bringing along their animal-friends. Lately, Aidyn has been very into holding his stuffed animals, naming them, and pretending they are his babies. He'll even have adorable conversations with them when he believes no one is looking.

After storytime, Daddy, Aidyn, and I went out to stargaze. First we went to the backyard and immediately found Jupiter. Wondering where the moon was, we slipped through to the front yard, but, alas, could not find the moon that was so large just last night.

Earlier in the day, Aidyn also did some outdoor explorations with his dad and told me all about it. Apparently the two went "rock hunting" until they found a huge rock "this big," Aidyn reported with his hands illustrating its girth. He told me, in great detail, about the ants that crawled atop it in search of food. He also picked some dandelions for his grandma and placed them in a recycled yogurt cup.

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