Monday, November 2, 2009

Library Walks and Talks

This afternoon's weather was too beautiful to drive to the library, so Aidyn and I strolled there on foot. While meandering through the neighborhoods, we noted the different autumnal colors of the trees and how some trees retained their green color. We listened to leaves crunching under our feet and smelled the scent of aromatic fruit trees. While walking, Aidyn brought up his upcoming birthday, how he'd like a Star Wars-themed party, his thoughts on Halloween and trick-or-treating, and ideas on game plans for Disneyland this December. When we arrived at the library, Aidyn immediately began playing in the children's section while I gathered new books. Once I finished collecting our reads, I sat down at one of the children's tables and surveyed the books in a nearby basket while Aidyn, holding two puppets, relaxed on the rug.

I watched him play at the playground for awhile before we started back home. Aidyn talked on and on about Disneyland. He told me what he plans on doing once we get there. He said that we'd all eat breakfast in the morning first and then we would walk to Disneyland. As we'd get closer, we would see the giant rides peeking from over the trees. When we get through the lines, he remarked, we'll go under the big train tunnel and see the houses (shops on Main Street). I reminded him that, when we go this time, a 50-foot Christmas tree with loads of twinkling lights and ribbons will stand at the center of Main Street. His excitement was palpable as then he began listing all the rides he wants to go on: "yellow submarine" (Nemo's Submarine Voyage) and all the fish and "Nemos" he sees under water, Peter Pan's ship, the teacups ("remember when Gilbert came on with us and we spun fast?" he recalled), Winnie the Pooh train, doom buggies, and many more. I told him that we would feast on yummy Christmas cookies made especially for this time of year, Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream bars, mint juleps, egg nog, candy canes, and cinammon churros! Aidyn and I had such a sweet time mind-escaping to a nearing holiday vacation.

Once we got settled at home, we watched an episode of Between the Lions that focused on the short u sound. Thus the show was full of "bugs, hugs, and fun." When I sang one of the short u bug songs and asked Aidyn to join in, he sang the words, "hum bug" which, remarkably, do contain the sound I was looking for!

We also played some Vivaldi and had quiet time before Aidyn requested a viewing of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, a Beatrix Potter story. He's now watching that while Vivaldi continues to play in the background.

I intend to sample approximately thirty-four famous composers chronologically beginning with Vivaldi and other 17th century composers. My intent is simply to taste the sounds without emphasizing too much on who the artist is (unless Aidyn asks), and to purely enjoy the music. Later in our homeschooling venture, I will have Aidyn do composer/artist studies, so I wanted to lay some foundation-recognition now.

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