Saturday, November 14, 2009

Busy and Artistic

Busy week! A couple of days ago, Aidyn and I had a science experiment day! We filled a large, glass vase with water and created a little vortex by stirring the water rapidly. Aidyn observed the action in the vase as I stirred. Then we played with adding colors to the water. He added red dye and watched it whirl in the water. Dropping blue in, he watched as the water turned purple. We tried several color mixtures and talked about the colors changing. Afterward we played a game of "Sink or Float." Going around the house with a basket, we plucked an assortment of objects and brought them back "to the lab." We individually plunked an object in the water after guessing if it would float or sink. Aidyn had a ball guessing the outcome and watching the result. When the game was through, I showed Aidyn the old "turn toothpicks into a star" parlor trick that I learned when I was little. Then I showed him how to do it himself. After all that guided play, I left him at the table with new objects, free reign over the food coloring, and a spoon and let him play with these new discoveries without assitance or guidance by me. He had a time! He dunked all sorts of objects into his personally-made vat of black water. : )

Also throughout this week, we have been listening to Bach. A couple nights this week, Aidyn also heard pieces of "Paradise Lost" as I was listening to the poem for my own class. It's also been an artistic week as Aidyn had been finger painting, coloring, and making shapes out of moon sand.

Yesterday evening, the family went out for a viewing of Where the Wild Things Are. I am so delighted that Aidyn is getting better and better at movie theatre ettiquette. He knows the importance of whispering, remaining in your seat, focusing his attention, and respecting other patrons. An hour plus movie is still a bit long for him and he gets wiggly but not to the point of effecting anyone's movie-watching experience. Whew!

I am also still working on the new curriculum. I will post it as soon as it is as close to finished as possible. Additionally, I will possibly create a new addendum blog that strictly focuses on our curriculum and activities rather than our personal log.

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