Thursday, October 29, 2009

PBS Showtime

Yesterday afternoon, Aidyn, David, and I watched an episode of Between the Lions, a remarkable PBS show that emphasizes the joy of reading. When I first saw it nearly ten years ago, I hoped that it would remain on air when I had children. Sadly, it's not a show that comes on often (if at all), so I rented an episode from the library's meager collection. Aidyn seemed to enjoy it, and I particularly liked the reference to Gawain (since I only just recently began reading Arthurian Legends!). What I loved was that the show blended both the whole word and phonetics approach to reading. I tend to side with the school of thought that emphasizes whole word learning because it instills a love for literature without specific phonetic goals; however, I think the phonetic approach is useful later. This show beautifully intertwines both viewpoints. This is definitely a series I will be purchasing in the future!

After Aidyn saw Between the Lions and ran amuck for awhile, he watched a Sesame Street rendition of Alice in Wonderland featuring Elmo, Abby, Cookie Monster as the Cheshire Cat, Bert and Ernie as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and many other SS characters in a show entitled Abby in Wonderland. While on this Fantasyland unit, I thought this would be a neat way to hear the original story told in a fresh way.

Later in the evening, David and Aidyn played together while I got some much-needed reading done. Aidyn and David even joined me in watching King Lear, and Aidyn, surprisingly, followed along until bathtime.

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