Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And the Wind, Wind, Wind Came Down Down Down

Yesterday was a relaxed, co-parent homeschooling day. When I got home from work, Aidyn and I worked at our round table and made PB & J Surprise Muffins. Aidyn assisted in mixing, stirring, and tasting while I read instructions and measurements aloud.

Because of the high gusts of wind yesterday, we commented that it looked exactly like the windstorm in Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day when poor Piglet in nearly carried away by the wind. Aidyn enjoyed talking about the wind and the noises it created and objects that pattered on our roof.

Later, per Aidyn's request, David reread Snow White despite it being a rather wordy book. Snuggled in bed, David read warmly aloud with Aidyn tucked in his arm with his head resting on his chest. I hope that's a memory that remains in Aidyn's mind.

These past two weeks, Aidyn and I have been counting down to Halloween. We began with nine and have since counted down. Every day I tell him how many days are left and we count them together on our hands. He is so excited!

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