Monday, September 28, 2009

Jack O' Lantern Fruit Salad: Holiday Fun Food

Today, after our excursion to the library, I made Aidyn a jack o' lantern fruit salad to observe the upcoming holiday in a fun, healthy way.

First, I took a tangelo (only because oranges at the grocery store looked a bit bad), and cut the top piece off similar to how one would take the top off a pumpkin. Using a knife, I loosened the pulp and with a spoon scraped it into a bowl. Carefully, I carved two triangle eyes, a nose, and a one-toothed grin through the skin of the tangelo. Once it had its face on, I filled the cavity with sliced red grapes and strawberries. After drizzling the tangelo juice over the fruit salad, Aidyn capped the creature with the top of the tangelo (which, funny enough, has a somewhat pointed top!). Then, spoon in hand, he scalped it and ate the jack o' lantern's "brains."

Fun, festive activity!

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