Monday, September 21, 2009

Grape Festival/Horse Ride

As a real-world introductory to our next unit study, the family spent the day at the local Grape Festival and Aidyn, particularly, rode on a horse. Following suit of the first unit where we interacted with firefighters previous to our study, we wanted Aidyn to physically connect with the unit before diving in. However, this experience was not our sole reason for attending, but thought it could serve as quality family time, exposure to new things and events, further enjoyment of “rides and thrills,” and as a break from the day-to-day routine. First off, we visited the Reptile Exhibit, and looked at all sorts of snakes, frogs, lizards, and other creatures. Aidyn pet a tortoise, spied a chameleon, stood three feet from an uncaged alligator, and talked with a red parrot. Then, Aidyn and his daddy rode a turbulent (for the average three-year-old) boat ride which Aidyn loved. Later, we took in a zany circus show by the Swan Bros. Afterward, a clown made Aidyn a dragon-balloon-animal, per his request. Fortuitously, Aidyn wanted nothing more but to ride a horse, so we took him over to the area and watched him ride and pose in a cowboy hat. After some arm painting, music-making, and gallery-viewing, the family called it a day.

This jaunt on the horse will launch our next unit study: horses and horse-drawn carriages.

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