Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fire House, Main Street U.S.A.

For the past week and a half, we have been focused on a unit about fire engines and firefighters based off the Fire House attraction along Main Street.

On our first day, we checked out firefighter-related books and media from our local library. Along the route home, we spied a fire engine. Waving, we watched as the bright red engine full of smiling firefighters pulled over to say, "hello." The fire captain waved and spoke with Aidyn and offered him a sticker. Out from the back of the engine, a firefighter dropped down and met with us. He gave Aidyn a fire badge sticker and a hearty handshake. While Aidyn and I walked back home, Aidyn exclaimed, "I wanna be one of them!"

What a way to start a unit! I felt like we struck homeschool gold!

Not surprisingly thereafter, Aidyn was so excited to read all his picture books and watch his video about fire engines and fire safety. He has tugged us all to the couch during the past week to watch his video. Putting on his own pretend firefighter helmet, he imagines that he is "Engineer John" and often requests to water the lawn on jet-setting like a firefighter puts out a fire.

Additionally, I have been in contact with a local fire chief who has offered us the opportunity to further expose Aidyn to life as a firefighter. I will be answering the invitation soon and provide Aidyn with a real world chance to learn about real-life heroes.

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