Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Autumnal Cookies, Science Experiment, and Whole Books

As promised, Aidyn and I made cookies this breezy afternoon. Wild oatmeal cookies were on the agenda originally, but I lacked an essential ingredient. Thus, we made a batch of cookie dough, rolled it out, and, with the help of themed cookie cutters, made Halloween cookies. Aidyn, involved in every part of the process, helped stir, mix, crack the egg, roll the dough, press cookie cutters in, and enjoy his culinary skills. We made a lovely assortment of witches, ghosts, jack o' lanterns, pumpkins, crescent moons, and witch hats. While we worked together, we went over ingredient names, measurements, and units of time (as we waited for the dough to get solid and cold).

During the wait, Aidyn and I conducted a little side experiment unrelated to our unit study but fun nonetheless. I fished a handful of pennies out of my change jar and placed them in a bowl. Over the bathroom sink, Aidyn and I washed the coins with soap, water, and two old toothbrushes. We analyzed the results; then I added vinegar and salt to the coin water. We watched as the tarnish faded away and we were left with shiny pennies. We also compared these pennies to ones that were not washed and noted the differences. This experiment gave us the opportunity to learn about methods of cleaning, how different ingredients have varying effects, and about the President that graces the penny. He then narrated the experiment to his grandmother and father afterward.

Additionally during the wait, Aidyn and I took in two amazing whole books about horses. The first was called Horses in Dreamland, and we marveled at the beautiful illustrations and rhythmic poetry. The other was entitled With the Wind and the end inspired goosebumps in me and an opportunity to discuss an important topic with Aidyn. Both books are worth a second checkout.

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