Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Review, Part Four

Today while I was at work, David and Aidyn revisited the rainforest unit. According to him, they watched some rainforest videos on YouTube and talked about all the things Aidyn learned that month. He also reported that they talked about our visit to the Rainforest Cafe in Anaheim and played with Aidyn's "Tigey" (white tiger) that he got there. Afterwards, David said, Aidyn wanted to go to the Rainforest Cafe again. Personally, I think that is a brilliant idea! However, we must wait although there is a game plan in the works.

When I got home, Aidyn and I drifted away from "school" and instead watched retro Looney Tunes video. In doing so, I hope he becomes familiar with those zany characters for our upcoming trip to Six Flags. We could all use a small, fun getaway and since D-Land isn't in the immediate future, we're going for a local park. Aside from our crazy conversations and imaginary play, I owe the magic of theme parks for Aidyn's vivid imagination. I was thinking about that the other day: Disneyland through Aidyn's eyes. In one day, he believed he went on an underwater exploration in a submarine, rode bobsleds and caught a glimpse of the Yeti in a snowy mountain, lived through a pirate invasion and attack, spied 999 ghosts in the Haunted Mansion, laughed through the Hundred Acre Woods, visited the "Heigh-Ho" house, flew Dumbo, rode a real locomotive (even traveling back into prehistoric time!) helped Buzz defeat the evil Zurg, saw real live Jedis and the defeat of Darth Maul and Darth Vader, and lived, briefly, in a world that was built on dreams and imagination. How magical!

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