Friday, July 24, 2009

Sports and Games Month

Following our review of the year, we will be doing a "Sports and Games" unit study inspired by Aidyn's recent love for baseball. He regularly watches Giants' games with his grandma, cheers, hollers, and roots for the black and orange team. Thus, now is a great time to learn a little more about all sorts of sports, especially baseball.

My goal is to further familiarize Aidyn (and myself!) with various sports and games, learn certain sports jargon, and get out and play some games. We have an upcoming Ports' game next month that will wrap up our studies. Aidyn has never been to an actual baseball game before, so this will be fun.

We plan on watching some kid-friendly baseball movies such as The Sandlot and My Dog Skip among others. Also we would like to get Aidyn a tee ball set so he could practice playing. In addition, we anticipate visiting some sports' equipment stores and see what else catches our eyes.

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